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What does Polar Bear Planet develop?

We design toy products, and games that educate about saving the Polar bear. By succeeding in saving the Polar bear, we might have probably saved the entire planet earth. There is no Plan(et) B. You can’t start early enough to make even the youngest children aware of the topics of environmental protection and sustainability.
Our products are driven by the goal to save the planet. Mission first.

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Our products are fun, unique, social and will initiate awareness, interest, and action. Graphic design stands out. We work with reliable and knowledgeable partnerships.

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Polar Bear Planet games educate and bring kids at school, families, and friends together. We convey our love for the planet and the urgency to save it through our custom-made games.

Environmental Responsibility

Polar Bear Planet focuses on Discover by Sustainability: How does a wind turbine actually work? How can we help the endangered bees? And where does the rubbish in the sea come from? Whether it’s children’s books, experimental kits or board games, toys can be used to explain renewable energies, recycling and the like in a very simple and child-friendly way. Every product we design and produce, will be according to the ‘made by nature’ and ‘recycle and create’ guidelines.

What does Polar Bear Planet stand for?

Polar Bear Planet is symbolic. We, humans, live on the polar bear planet, which is earth! Polar bears live on the North Pole, the Northern half of the planet. The species is threatened by global warming and climate change. Polar bears are in danger of extinction. Polar bears spend over 50% of their time hunting for food. ... But because of ongoing and potential loss of their sea ice habitat resulting from climate change, Arctic-wide–polar bears were listed as a threatened species in the US under the Endangered Species Act in May 2008. Polar Bears could be lost by 2100. Polar bears are listed as vulnerable to extinction by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Saving the Polar Bear is the symbol of measures against climate change.

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